We partner with eye care community to deliver  innovative products with aim to revolutionise the practice pattern and achieve utmost quality eye care.

Our Flagship Products


RIA-G (Retinal Image Analysis for Glaucoma) is the world's most advanced glaucoma oriented disc analyser. Just upload the fundus images and get the analysis done, automatically, through our advanced machine learning algorithm. It's fast, efficient, reproducible & user friendly. RIA-G future updates include Inter eye asymmetry & Glaucoma Progression Analysis. We believe our RIA-G can change the way the whole screening process works.
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MIS (Mosaic Imaging Software) combines a set of images framing different fields of the retina to compose a single larger image. The mosaic image is available as  a standalone format. MIS is the fastest & most accurate fundus image stitching software available in the market. MIS stitches upto 1000 images,  giving an eye care specialist the perfect set of functions to view a fundus image. MIS's future updates include progression of diseases & DR detection.
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Kalpah's Progresso is a guided disease progression analysis software which analyses the previous visits to the current visit and generates reports to offer qualitative and quantitative information in an easy-to-read format. Progresso explains structural changes by using its advanced algorithms and gives valuable information to the doctor for a better clinical assessment with great confidence using highly responsive  graphs & reports.
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RIA - Diabetic Retinopathy & Stroke analysis  coming soon
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